Thursday, 5 July 2018

DELIGHTFUL KIDS BOOKS | GRANDMA Z BLOG TOUR | 'Grandma Z' by Daniel Gray-Barnett (****)

Hey guys, and happy Thursday! Today I am very happy to be back with another children's book feature, to celebrate the publication of an awesome new picture book Grandma Z. As soon as I saw the press release for this book I knew I had to read it - just by looking at the blurb and seeing the illustrations, I knew Grandma Z was one of those picture books that represents the very best in children's literature.

Grandma Z is a story all about fun and family and living life unordinarily. Albert wants to spend his birthday doing something fun, however just like every birthday, nothing special or exciting happens. That is... until Grandma Z turns up on Albert's doorstep. And suddenly, things become very unordinary indeed...

I was kindly sent Grandma Z by Scribe Books in exchange for an honest review :)

Intrigued? Check out the blurb here...

On an ordinary day, in an even more ordinary town, it was Albert’s birthday.

When Grandma Z roars into town on her motorcycle, Albert is swept up in a very extraordinary adventure. Life may never be the same again!

This glorious debut from Daniel Gray-Barnett is filled with wonder, imagination, and a wild, magical spirit that will thrill young and old.

And I am especially excited as today is the official publication day for Grandma Z, so you can go and get your hands on it now!

I loved everything about this book! The eccentric Grandma Z and little suited-up Albert make an unlikely pair, but everything about this relationship is so wonderful. This is such an exciting, fast-paced story to read to kids; the storytelling aspect is fantastic, as of course the emphais is on Albert's unordinary birthday. 

Grandma Z and Albert do extraordinary things: hunting for treasures, climbing mountains, bird-watching and even discovering a new species of beetle. I love how imaginative this book is, both in terms of the story and the illustrations. The colour palette is gorgeous and the drawings are absolutely brilliant, perfectly capturing the sense of magic and adventure.

This book is perfect for kids who wish more for their birthday than birthday toast and socks! Suitable for babies all the way up to 7 years old.

Check out Daniel Gray-Barnett here:

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