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ACCESS ALL AWKWARD BLOG TOUR | 'Access All Awkward' by Beth Garrod (****)

Hey guys, and happy Wednesday! Today I am really excited to share with you my review of Beth Garrod’s brand new book, Access All Awkward. Beth’s books have been on my TBR for absolutely ages, but somehow I have never read one until now. But it’s safe to say that after completely devouring this one, I can’t wait to read the others!

Access All Awkward is the third book in the Super Awkward series – a laugh out loud series following the adventures (and misadventures) of Bella Fisher, who is trying to juggle the chaos of teenagedom, with all the complications and awkwardness it can bring. In Access All Awkward, Bella is doing her best to navigate the stressfulness of her GCSEs, and the most likely probability that she will fluff them all up and not be able to go to college with her BFFs, Tegan and Rach. But the promise of the summer of all summers at RebelRocks (as a litter picker, but let's ignore that) is keeping her going. But there's a lot more awkwardness to come, along with boyfriend worries, and a band who are behaving in a way that is so out of order. 

I was kindly sent a copy of Access All Awkward by Scholastic in exchange for an honest review :)

Intrigued? Check out the blurb here...

Bella Fisher is stuck in EXAM HELL - with only the promise of a weekend at the RebelRocks festival with her mates as a reward afterwards. OK, so she can't actually afford a ticket and will have to work as a litter picker and toilet scrubber, but it's still going to be epic: the best bands, her best friends and best-boy-in-the-world Adam, with not a parent or teacher in sight.

But when she arrives to find annoying older sister Jo has been sent by Mum to keep an eye on her, things go from bad to worse. BFF Rachel is hanging out with some mean girls, awful ex-boyfriend Luke pitches up with his model girlfriend and her pristine Hunter wellies, and the drummer in her favourite band is exposed as a sexist pig. All the face glitter and flower crowns in the world can't save the day... can they?

I adored this book. In the summer I am always in the mood for YA and this absolutely hit the spot. I've never read a book set at a festival before (or even been to a festival for that matter), but this book transported me to a (sometimes) sparkling world of friendship, glitter and late summer nights celebrating music and good times. I loved how realistic this book was, and that it didn't sugar coat the teenage dream of a summer at a festival with all your best mates. The fact that Bella couldn't afford a ticket in the first place and had to work, the questionable portaloos, and prolific sexism in the music industry were issues that were brilliantly portrayed in this book, and I think it is really important that they were.

I absolutely loved Bella's voice; I loved how her kindness and confidence and loyalties were qualities that were exentuated. The relatonships in this book were also fantastically portrayed as being lovely and healthy. I also loved the plot about The Session and the girls fighting back against the awful sexism. Access All Awkward brilliantly manages to tackle serious, current issues while presenting fantastic characters that come right off the page, and hilarious moments. If you need a hilarious YA summer read about friendship, first love and the intoxicating chaos of a first festival, then look no longer - you need Access All Awkward on your summer TBR!

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