Wednesday 24 August 2016

BOOK BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT | Meet Maia from Maia and a Little Moore!

Hello, readers! Today I am very happy to be spotlighting another amazing blogger, as part of my book blogger spotlight series!

Today I am excited to welcome Maia to Delightful Book Reviews, from the wonderful reading, writing and parenting blog - Maia and a Little Moore. Maia has a wonderful, beautifully curated blog where she publishes copious amounts of book reviews, hosts authors in interviews and guests posts, and also shares what Little Moore is reading too! Today Maia is on my blog to talk all things books, YA and what the blogging community means to her...

Hi Maia!
So, what’s the best thing about being a book blogger?

Reading lots and lots. I've always been a reader but it dropped off when university and then real life took hold. Since I started blogging, I made time to read more so I could post more reviews, and that makes me happier.

What’s the most difficult/challenging thing about being a book blogger?

I think trying to establish yourself to a point where you're happy with it is hard. As a new blogger it's hard not to fixate on page views and followers, even when everyone tells you not to. But not everyone can be a well known blogger with thousands of views every day. As long as you're enjoying yourself, you're doing a good job.

What’s been your highlight in the time that you’ve been a book blogger?

Going to the UKYA Extravaganza events in Birmingham and Nottingham. It was amazing to put faces to so many bloggers and authors. Also having my reviews quoted in a couple of books was an insane buzz!

Name one author you would love to meet, and one blogger you would love to meet in real life!

I can't because he's dead, but I would love to meet Michael de Larrabeiti. He wrote The Borrible Trilogy, which is one of my all time favourite books. And for bloggers I would like to meet Grace from as I love her blog and she seems so awesome and friendly.

What advice would you give anyone who wants to start a book blog?

Just go for it. I got the idea and started it within a few days and was so happy I did. You might need to straighten a few things out along the line, but you'll soon find your feet and be in one of the most awesome and friendly blogging communities.

 Thank you so much, Maia, for taking part in my book blogger spotlight feature!

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Until next time :)

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