Monday 18 July 2016

DIMIMY BLOG TOUR | Interview with Estelle Maskame!

Hello readers, and happy Monday! Today I am absolutely thrilled to have amazing author Estelle Maskame on my blog to celebrate the final book in her incredible Did I Mention I Love You? series - Did I Mention I Miss You?, and to kick off the first day of the blog tour to celebrate its publication on 21st July. 

The DIMILY trilogy is a fantastic contemporary YA series following the lives of Tyler and Eden, two step-siblings who find themselves desperately and hopelessly in love with one another. The events that follow and the secrets that result make for a rollercoaster of a reading experience, and it's such a fantastic trilogy that you can be fully invested in and devour ravenously.

Intrigued? Read the blurb for the final book in the trilogy, Did I Mention I Miss You? here...

A year has passed since Eden last spoke to Tyler. She remains furious at him for his abrupt departure last summer but has done her best to move on with her life at college in Chicago. As school breaks up for the summer, she's heading back to Santa Monica, but she's not the only one who decides to come home...

Having been left behind to deal with the aftermath of their bombshell revelation and a family torn apart, Eden has no time for Tyler when he reappears. But where has Tyler been? And is she as over him as she likes to think? Or can Tyler and Eden finally work things out, despite their family and against all the odds?

The explosive finale to Estelle Maskame s international bestselling DIMILY trilogy, and the highly anticipated conclusion to Eden and Tyler's addictive love story.

I kindly received a proof copy from Black & White Publishing, and I cannot wait to read it (review will follow soon after!) 

Last year I also got to interview Estelle, check that interview out here.

However, today I am so excited to share with you my interview with Estelle, I hope you enjoy it!

Hi Estelle, and thanks for being on my blog! How do you feel about the DIMILY trilogy coming to an end?

It's bittersweet. After five years, it's satisfying to finally have Tyler and Eden's story told, but at the same time, I've spent my entire teenage years with this trilogy and these characters, so it's hard to let it go.

What has been your highlight of this journey (since you began the trilogy)?

The entire journey has been amazing, but I do have to say that the highlight was definitely when I got the book deal. I'd already been writing the trilogy for three and a half years at that point, so the books already had a fanbase, and to share the news about the book deal with all of my readers was such a special moment. They were just as excited as I was!

Tell us about the DIMILY fans - what has it been like writing a series of books with such a crazy and extensive fanbase?

I can't imagine having written the DIMILY trilogy without them. My readers are so supportive and dedicated and have been since day one, and I've loved sharing this entire experience with them, from writing online as a thirteen year old to being published and writing full-time as a nineteen year old, they've been with me the entire time and I love to stay as connected as I can with them.

What can readers expect from the ending of the trilogy?

Without giving too much away, it's the right ending for Tyler and Eden's story. I believe in realistic endings, so the readers can expect an ending that comes naturally for the characters.

What was it like to write the final chapter of DIMIMY?

I wrote the final chapter of DIMIMY all in one day, and there was just so much adrenaline because the ending was finally here after so long that I actually enjoyed writing that final chapter. It wasn't until after I typed the last sentence and sat back in silence that I realized it was actually over. I was both relieved yet emotional at the same time, because I just couldn't believe that it was all finally finished!

Thank you so much guys for reading, and thank you Estelle for appearing on my blog! 

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