Thursday 30 July 2015

Colour Me Mindful (*****) Review and Giveaway!

Happy Thursday, readers! Now if you follow a lot of UKYA blogs, you will have noticed that recently, a lot of bloggers have been talking about one thing... Colour Me Mindful, three intricately-drawn colouring books for grown-ups! I was approached to see if I wanted to receive the set of three books from Orion in exchange for an honest review, and I jumped at the opportunity. Colouring was one of my favourite things to do when I was younger, and since I was (and have always been) completely rubbish at drawing, colouring was a way for me to still be creative with art- which I do and have always loved.

Intrigued? Here's the story behind one of the colouring books (the underwater version)...

A mindful art therapy colouring book for adults, filled with beautiful underwater scenes.
Not just for kids anymore, colouring delivers a deeply satisfying experience that is almost meditative and colouring books are growing in popularity as anti-stress aids for adults.

Complete with intricately detailed and beautiful line-art, this book will depict breathtaking scenes of underwater landscapes.

Your mind will focus as you fill the pages with colour, becoming calm and reducing stress. This is mindful, simple therapy for adults that can be carried out every day.

With stunning illustrations to colour in and admire, this book provides a creative outlet and a deeply soothing mindful experience for those in need of a little artistic stress-busting.

I was lucky enough to receive all three colouring books from Orion: Underwater, Tropical and Birds. But I have to say, the Underwater book was my favourite. I have always been fascinated by the sea and love the colours blue and green, so the Underwater colouring book, with beautiful ocean scenes, gave me the opportunity to be as creative as I liked! The artist is the ever so talented Anastasia Catris, and the drawings are so delicate and beautiful, with a good mix of small and large shapes to colour in! 

The books were quite small; the perfect size to take in your handbag for your journey to work or school, or on holiday! Me and my friend Lizzie had a FAB time colouring on the train down to Cornwall, haha. 

I used Pentel artist colouring pencils, and WHSmith fine liners. I have to say that I liked to use a bit of both when colouring the drawings. However I am starting to experiment using watercolour paints and watercolour pencils, which works really well also.

Overall, I am so glad that I requested these, as it really is mindful creativity. It's so relaxing to just sit and colour while watching the TV, listening to music or a podcast. It exercises your mind as well as calming it, and also provides you with a beautiful finished picture at the end that you can be proud of.

Have I convinced you yet that you NEED all three copies of Colour Me Mindful? Well, for one lucky winner, you will soon possess them, because Charlie at Orion has kindly agreed to give away ALL THREE Colour Me Mindful books! To enter, simply comment below what your favourite sea creature is! Don't forget, you can always enter by retweeting my tweet of this review, via my Instagram account or on my Facebook page! Please read the terms and conditions (urgh, boring I know) here, and don't forget only enter if you live in the UK.

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  1. I can't wait to see your finished peacock - it looks beautiful :) x

  2. Actually that was my friend Lizzie who coloured the peacock! I will finish it off for her, though ;) x

  3. I love dolphins, these books are lovely x