Sunday, 26 July 2015

'Avalon' by Vanessa Morgan (**.5) + GIVEAWAY!

Hello, readers and happy Sunday! Today I have another giveaway for you, and it is the 2/3 giveaways I will be hosting for this month (exciting!) But before we get to that, I've got the review of the book I am giving away, Vanessa Morgan's novel 'Avalon' that is perfect for anyone who loves cats! I kindly received 'Avalon' from the author in exchange for an honest review. Intrigued? Here's the blurb...

Some cats need nine lives to make a difference. Avalon only needed one.

From Amazon bestselling author Vanessa Morgan, Avalon is the heartwarming and once-in-a-lifetime love story of a girl and her neurotic Turkish Van cat.

With humor, the author details how Avalon made other creatures cringe in distress whenever he was around, how he threw her dates out by means of special techniques, and how he rendered it almost impossible for her to leave the house. Avalon was so incorrigible that even her landlord ordered her to get rid of him. But beneath Avalon's demonic boisterousness, Vanessa recognized her own flaws and insecurities, and she understood that abandoning Avalon would be the worst she could do to him. Thanks to her unswerving loyalty, Avalon transformed into a tender feline, and even landed a major role in a horror movie. In turn, Avalon made it his mission to be there for his human companion.

By turns jubilant and deeply moving, Avalon is a memoir for anyone who has ever been obsessively in love with a pet.

Now, not being a cat person, I was a tiny bit unsure about whether I would actually enjoy this book. Not that I hate cats, but I just don’t have any real feelings/emotions towards them. *Hides from crazy cat people*. But honestly, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I think that the main reason for this is the fact that the author’s passion comes so clearly through her words; by the end of the book you feel as if you know Avalon, and a tiny bit of you even loves him, just because Morgan’s emotions are so strong, and infectious. 

The book is immensely autobiographical, and you get caught up in Morgan’s life just as much as Avalon’s. It is so interesting to read this history, all whilst realising that one cat’s existence had the power to sustain the happiness and vitality of the author’s life. I loved the tone of writing and it was a hugely personal style of writing, which I think suited the book perfectly.

There is a good mixture of cheerful and desolate in Avalon, and the ending, although miserable and somewhat anticipated, it was vastly moving. Morgan evidently has the power to make her readers fall in love with Avalon just as much as she clearly was. 

Overall, this was a touching story that I enjoyed enough to complete in one evening, and I think if you love cats then you will adore this story. The relationship between Avalon and Morgan was a fascinating one to read about, and I am glad that I got the opportunity to read and review this.

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