Thursday, 15 January 2015

Awards Evening Haul

Happy Thursday readers of my blog! In this mini-series of long overdue book hauls I have shown you everything I have bought/been given and read over the past few months, and today is no exception. A good few months ago we had an awards evening at school to mark our achievement in lower 6th, and since I do all essay-based subjects the prizes I won were obviously book-related! I thought it would be interesting to show you what I won, just because... well, they're books. The Orwell book wasn't one I won at Prizegiving, but I was given it at a school workshop so I've thrown it in anyway. Enjoy! 


Philosophy: Key Themes- Julian Baggini & Gareth Southwell

The Paris Gourmet- Trish Deseine

Why I Write- George Orwell

Until next time :)

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