Giveaway Policies

Oh hey there. If you are visiting this page, it must be because you have entered one of my giveaways. First of all: thank you! This is such a lovely way to support me, the authors and publishing houses of the books I choose to feature, because it means more people get to read their books, and I get more support for my blog :)

Now for the nitty gritty part:

1. You must be aged 13 (or over) to enter any giveaway on my blog.

2. You must follow the rules of the giveaway (which I will display clearly in each post which includes a giveaway). Some giveaways allow you to enter as many times as you want, while some will only allow you to enter once. Always check!

3. I only post to the UK/Ireland (except if the author lives in another country and agrees to a worldwide giveaway) so always check before you enter!

4. Winners will be chosen randomly from a selected random selecter app (of some kind!)

5. I cannot be held responsible for any items lost in the post.

6. Winners will be contacted within 48 hours via email.

7. Be honest and have fun :)

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