Thursday, 10 May 2018

DELIGHTFUL KIDS BOOKS | BLOG TOUR | 'Mr Snuffles' Birthday' by David Greaves and Emily Wallis (****)

Hey guys, and happy Thursday! Today I am thrilled to be back with my children's book feature, to celebrate the publication of a great new kids book called Mr Snuffles' Birthday written by David Greaves, and illustrated by Emily Wallis. Mr Snuffles' Birthday is a wonderful book all about friendship and the lovely things friends do for each other. Mr Snuffles feels left out when all his friends are going to someone's suprise birthday tea, when it is his birthday! He is also investigating a mysterious truffle thief. Will Mr Snuffles figure out the truth behind this myserious suprise birthday, and the truffle thief? 

Intrigued? Read the blurb here...

'It was a wonderful day for snuffling for truffles,

'What a birthday treat!' thought Mr Snuffles…’

Adults and children of all ages will delight in following Mr Snuffles' frustrating woodland quest for his beloved truffles. But is Mr Snuffles on the right scent?

Beautifully illustrated by Emily Wallis, David Greaves' Mr Snuffles' Birthday is a glorious celebration of language, friendship and truffles: a tale to be treasured and to read aloud together time and time again.

I adored this book! I love children's books that are a joy to read aloud; and Mr Snuffles' Birthday is definitely one of these. The language is so rhythmic and poetic and it is the perfect book to keep children entertained, or for a lovely bedtime story.

I think young children will definitely enjoy the mystery surrounding the suprise birthday party and the truffle thief. Mr Snuffles is a lovable character who just wants his friends to appreciate him on his birthday! The colourful cast of pig characters are fantastic - I love animal characters in children's books!

The illustrations by Emily Wallis are beautiful and really evocative. The setting is gorgeously depicted (reminiscent of The Gruffalo, I think!) and I loved the illustrations of the birthday party at the end. All of those food pictures made me so hungry... I bet children would love pointing out all the food and guessing what everything was.

Overall, this is a brilliant book for young children, that works well for both entertaining bored and restless kids, or for a bedtime story. For me Mr Snuffles' Birthday is what makes children's books magic - lively language and gorgeous illustrations.

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