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CHASING DANGER | Interview with Sara Grant

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Today I am really excited to be able to share an author interview with you - today I have an interview with the author of Dark Parties and Half Lives: Sara Grant! This interview means a lot to me because Sara is actually the reason why I started blogging in the first place so it's lovely to still be talking about her books on here some years on!

Sara's most recent novel Chasing Danger follows fourteen-year-old Chase who visits her grandmother on holiday, before coming to the realisation that she has to become the one who has to save the island and its inhabitants before it's too late! 

About Sara and Her Books
Sara Grant has inspired and edited nearly 100 books for children. Her newest book – Chasing Danger – is an action-adventure series for tweens. She has written two YA futuristic thrillers – Dark Parties and Half Lives – and Magic Trix, a funny series for young readers. Sara teaches Goldsmiths University’s master’s class on writing for children/teens. She co-created Undiscovered Voices – which has launched the writing careers of thirty-two authors.

Intrigued? Read the blurb here...

Fourteen year old Chase is pretty sure that visiting her grandmother is going be the most boring holiday ever, even if they are going to a tropical island. But Chase doesn't know that the island is about to come under attack. Soon Chase will trying to save the entire island in the most exciting (and most dangerous!) holiday of her life.

Doesn't this sound like an exciting read? I'm so excited to welcome Sara to my blog to discuss her inspiration behind Chasing Danger, the feminist aspects of the book, and how the writing process differed from the rest of her books...

Hi Sara! What inspired you to write Chasing Danger?

I’ve always want to write a mystery/thriller series, and it finally came together in Chasing Danger. When I was eight years old, I ADORED the 1970s TV series Charlie’s Angels. For me it was all about girl power, mysteries and friendship. I wanted to create my own re-booted tween Charlie’s Angels. 

I also love to travel. The first book in the Chasing Danger series sprang from my trip to the Maldives a few years ago. While my husband sunned himself and read a series of books, I plotted and planned mayhem. I envisioned and then pitched Chasing Danger as Die Hard – one of my all-time favourite action movies – on a desert island. 

Tell us a bit more about Chase Armstrong. Are you similar to her in any way?

I wish I was more like Chase. She’s smart, athletic and feisty! She must dig deep and find the courage to save the day when disaster strikes. She’s stronger – physically and mentally – than she thinks she is. She’s always beating herself up when things go wrong or she feels as if she’s made a mistake – and that’s definitely me. 

Chasing Danger follows the adventures of strong, exciting, badass female characters. Would you describe the book as feminist?

I want to empower my female readers. We are not damsels in distress; we are the heroes of our own stories. 

How is Chasing Danger different to your previous YA books, Dark Parties and Half Lives? Did your writing process change at all?

Chasing Danger has a younger protagonist than my previous two YA books. It’s considered a middle grade/tween novel. It has a strong female heroine and the twist, turns and surprises that I hope readers have come to expect from a Sara Grant novel. I’d like to think my books are page-turners that also engage the head and heart. 

My writing process is slightly different for every book. Each has its own opportunities and challenges. Because Chasing Danger is a mystery/thriller, I created a detailed storyline – nearly 10,000 words long, breaking the action chapter by chapter so I could seed clues and surprise readers. 

Also Chasing Danger is a series so I needed to create an exciting novel with a set up that would work for future books. I’ve created an overarching plot that stretches across the first four books and ideas for many, many more adventures for Chase and Mackenzie.

Sum up Chasing Danger in three words.

Action! Surprises! Funny!

Thank you so much for appearing on my blog, Sara! I would highly encourage you to check out Chashing Danger and the rest of her books - they are truly fantastic.

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