Monday, 4 April 2016

5* BOOK REVIEW | I Am Doodle Cat by Kat Patrick (illustrated by Lauren Marriott)

Hello, readers! Today I have a bit of a different book review for you today- my first children's book! Ever since I was little I have loved reading and loved picture books (check out my last post) so when I Am Doodle Cat came through the post I couldn't be more excited for this blast from the past- a brand new children's picture book for me to review!

I was kindly sent I Am Doodle Cat in exchange for an honest review from Scribe Publishing :)

I Am Doodle Cat is a gorgeously illustrated, hilarious, charming picture book, recommended for children between 0-4 years. It follows the main character, Doodle Cat, as he explores the magic of silliness and celebrates all the lovely, silly things in the world- including farts, friends and drawing! This is definitely a feel-good book as it teaches children that the most important thing is to love yourself and appreciate the world around you!

As well as the thoroughly engaging main character that the child can follow throughout the book, I Am Doodle Cat has gorgeous illustrations and the book itself has a really nice feel to it- sturdy hardback, with big enough pages so children can turn the pages themselves.

This is a picture book that definitely encourages imagination and the importance of expressing yourself creatively. But also, perhaps even more importantly, there are pages that celebrate the lovely ordinariness of everyday life- for example swimming in the ocean, wearing a onesie and playing the guitar.

As my reading tastes have only slightly matured since I was five, I passed on I Am Doodle Cat to my two lovely cousins Naomi and Theo- safe to say I think they both love it! How cute are these pictures? <3

Check out the author, Kat Patrick here:

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