Thursday 3 March 2016

My Favourite Bloggers and BookTubers!

Hello readers, and happy Thursday! I hope that you all had a lovely relaxing weekend and are having a good week. I had a pretty eventful weekend; from going to see a play on Friday night and staggering back in the wee hours on Sunday morning after a night out (with a trolley, I may add, but more on that later) it's safe to say I am exhausted and so not ready for another week of uni and essay writing *sobs*.

But it's another new week, and so time for another blog post! Today I wanted to talk to you about my favourite bloggers and BookTubers, seeing as I love getting recommendations for new people to check out, so hopefully this will give you inspiration to get some new blogs and YouTube channels on your reading list!

1. Rosianna Halse Rojas (

Although not exclusively a BookTuber (her channel covers everything from beauty to food to film reviews to feminism), Rosianna is a production executive with John Green and 20th Century Fox and so she is basically KILLIN' LIFE. The one thing that oozes from her videos is passion- whether she's talking about a political issue, her favourite independent bookshops or avocados, and that's what I love about her. Also, she loves The Alligator's Mouth in Richmond, which just happens to be my favourite bookshop <3 I was lucky enough to meet Rosianna last year at the YA Book Prize, and believe me, I died of fangirliness.

2. Michelle (Chelley) Toy (

As well as being a completely lovely person, Chelley Toy is also a fabulous book blogger, who is passionate and excited about books and reading- making her blog a delight to read. Chelley writes post on exciting events, author interviews, book reviews and many more. The chatty, warm writing style that is so distinctive to Tales Of Yesterday is one of the reasons that this blog is bookmarked on my laptop and read regularly <3

3. Whitney Atkinson- WhittyNovels (

Whitney and I are the same age, we both are studying English at University, we both live on books, however Whitney is the most hilarious person on the planet and I couldn't even make a clown chuckle. Honestly guys, this girl is awesome. Her videos are insightful, witty (haha) and deeply entertaining. I could be having the crappest day ever and her videos never fail to make me laugh. Also, her book recommendations are always on point (THE AWAKENING- EVERYONE!) And I know she's going to do really big things in the future.

4. Georgia Blackhart (

Georgia has been blogging since 2011, which seeing as she's fifteen, makes her a pretty awesome person. But also her blog is one of the best book blogs out there- definitely one of the most diverse blogs I know in terms of content. Georgia has written about the best YA reads, book to film adaptations, the GCSE curriculum and much, much more. Her blog is just so well written I almost can't stand it, and it's pretty swish too. On top of that, Georgia is one of the loveliest people out there!

5. Sanne Vliegenthart - Booksandquills (

Sanne is totally knowledgeable and passionate about what she does- which is books. But more than that, she manages to translate that passion into something that is completely watchable for everyone, she is that much of a fabulous person. Her videos cover all sorts- vlogs, book hauls, unboxings, advice videos and so much more. All of her videos are so informative and interesting and beautifully creative. Definitely well worth checking out :)

And there we go, people! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and that you are having a good week (sorry this is so late!) Obviously I have many more bloggers and BookTubers I read and watch, but this is probably my top five <3

Let me know in the comments your favourite bloggers and booktubers, I'd love to find some more to check out!

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Until next time :)

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