Monday, 21 March 2016

Maybe She's Born With It...

Hello readers! A bit of a different post today. I was going through some reallllyyyyyy old family photo albums yesterday to find some pictures of my grandad, and came across a few pictures of baby Alix... with books! I was so delighted and surprised at the same time. It also got me thinking, that maybe reading is something some people are born loving, as if holding a book in your hand is something that seems comforting, exciting, intriguing... almost from the very moment you are able to hold one.

From the age of fourteen there are many pictures of me with books, at book launches, on my bedroom floor reading, and at the olympic cycling event (cycling is not my favourite sport, I'm afraid) however I thought these baby pictures would be slightly more entertaining for you. I hope you guys enjoy!

If there are any baby pictures of you guys with books, I'd love to check them out! Let's all swoon at each other's cuteness together <3

 Back when I couldn't read for myself...
                Forever blocking my siblings out with books...
Posing with books from an early age, it seems...

And when I hit a reading slump, the solution is always bingeing on TV (in baby Alix's case, it's most likely to be Teletubbies)

Until next time :)

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