Monday, 18 January 2016

HAY LEVELS | My Top Picks for English Literature Students!

Hi readers! Today, as it's a Monday and therefore a day a lot of you will go back to school after a nice relaxing weekend, I thought I would write a post all about Hay Levels: stimulating, snappy videos from inspirational and professional people- giving you insight into topics you may be studying for your A-Levels. Hay Levels cover every subject you may be studying, from History to Economics. As an ex A-Level English Literature student, I thought I would post my five top picks from that category!

I hope this helps with a lot of your revision :)

Jane Eyre- John Mullan 

Mullan discusses how the voice of the rebellious Jane Eyre makes Bronte's novel one of the most hypnotic ever written.

Poetry- Simon Armitage

The award winning poet, playwright and novelist Simon Armitage discusses how you should study poetry.

1984- Colm Toibin

The celebrated Irish novelist, playwright, journalist, academic and poet Colm Toibin discusses the origins and themes of Orwell's 1984.

Frankenstein- John Mullan

Mullan discusses how Mary Shelley’s genius was to express the hopes and deepest fears of the Enlightenment.

The Great Gatsby- Sarah Churchwell 

Churchwell explores three crucial points from Fitzgerald’s novel that the film adaptations get wrong.

And those, Ladies and Gentlemen, were my top picks! But there are SO many more Hay Levels videos out there, way too many to fit onto a blog post. So please do go and check out the Hay Levels website and YouTube channel.

Check out the website here:

Check out the YouTube channel here:

Check out my previous blog post about Hay Levels here:

Until next time :)

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