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'Girls' by Savannah Avery (**) + GIVEAWAY!

Hello, readers! The sun is out here in London and for me that means one thing… to be able to read loads of great books in the garden, and at the same time probably get horrific sunburn. But lobster-red skin aside, I have a book review for you today, of Savannah Avery’s eBook and paperback Girls, available on Amazon. This is an edgy YA read that deals with the issues of peer pressure, high school bullying and human trafficking. I was sent Girls in exchange for an honest review. Intrigued? Here’s the blurb…

When Coco meets the girls she wants nothing more than to be apart of their group. They have everything she ever wanted- friendship, independence, beauty, and attention from boys.

But being one of the girls isn't easy. The group's leader M has strict rules and requires all of her girls to use their bodies to make her money.

How much is Coco willing to give up to be one of the girls?

I finished the book in a mere couple of days, and I thought it was just the right length to keep me interested and caught up in the main action of the plot. I never really connected with the main character, Coco, and at times found her irritating and contradictory. Her attachment to the other main characters M, Katherine and Kitty made her sound incredibly clingy and not reliant on herself; this made her seem a bit empty as a character, and not likeable at all. Furthermore, the use of rhetorical questions in her narrative at first gave a glimpse of chaotic mind of Coco, but after a few chapters became slightly frustrating.  However, this view is completely subjective!

Although I didn’t connect to Coco, I very much liked the characters of M, Katherine and Kitty. They were carefully crafted characters with distinctive personalities and the clash that ensued with their different aspects of character caused a sense of unease throughout the book, which I loved. The relationship between the girls was what drove the plot and ensured that Girls was an uncomfortable, but thrilling read. 

There were some spelling and grammatical errors, however these can easily be fixed with some proof reading. What matters is that there are exciting plot twists, idiosyncratic characters and a narrative tone that is distinctively adolescent. Although I didn’t think that Girls tackled the deeper issues within human trafficking, in the sense that it seemed slightly detached from the main plot of the novel, it was a good contemporary slant on a problem that is both universal and relevant through all periods of history, as well as the present. I loved the ending and I liked that the novel started with the end, if that makes sense. Although I was confused at the beginning, everything suddenly made sense when I started the final chapter.

Overall, I wasn’t in love with this book, however I thought the plot itself and the character development had potential and the story just needed a bit of polishing. Savannah Avery has kindly agreed to give away a copy to one of the readers of my blog or follower on social media, so if you would like to win a copy of Girls, just comment below your favourite YA summer read! Also, read the terms and conditions for giveaways on Delightful Book Reviews here. The only change in these T+Cs is that this giveaway is open to ONLY THOSE LIVING IN THE U.S.! I am allowing entries to this giveaway on all my social media platforms, so feel free to enter on all of them if you want to be in with a greater chance! 

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