Saturday, 23 May 2015

Spring Book Haul 2015!

Hello, readers! Today, I'm going to do a book haul for you lovely people. I am aware that I don't do these very often (I really should!) but I have received so many amazing books lately that I felt I should do one!

All of these books I have either been sent or gifted, so thank you to Black & White Publishing, Orion, FmCM, my Dad (lol) and Jim, who lent me Back to Blackbrick

 In The Steps of The Brontës- Ernest Raymond

Read Me Like A Book- Liz Kessler

Back to Blackbrick- Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

The Dead House- Dawn Kurtagich

Wolf by Wolf- Ryan Graudin

Did I Mention I Love You- Estelle Maskame

The Underwriting- Michelle Miller

Orkney Twilight- Clare Carson
Have you read any of these titles? Lemme know!

Until next time :)

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