Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bookshop Special! Daunt Books in Hampstead Heath

Hello, readers! Today, I thought I would share with you a bookshop that I visited recently that I loved. This summer, I would like to turn this into a regular feature (after exams are finished!) but for now, here's a bookshop that I discovered with my friend Aoife in Hampstead Heath. It's called Daunt Books, and apparently there are a few branches all over London. It was a lovely, friendly atmosphere, with books stacked high in gorgeous bookshelves all around the shop. I quickly found my favourite author Alexander McCall Smith; everything was organised perfectly.

I only bought one small thing, a beautiful little book called How To Become a Writer by Lorrie Moore. I hope to come back and visit again soon for a proper book haul!

Have you visited Daunt Books before? Or do you have a favourite bookshop you want others to know about? Let me know!

There was also a funny TFL sign I wanted to share with you...

Until next time :)

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