Friday, 31 October 2014

Brontë Inspiration

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would I would upload a post about my recent trip to Haworth in Yorkshire, where my literary heroines, The Brontës, grew up. Ever since reading Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights I have wanted to visit the place where Charlotte, Emily and Anne grew up, as well as walking across the moors and seeing the sights that they would have seen themselves, on walks they took as young children.

Without a doubt the Brontës have driven me to want to become a writer, and continue with my dream in spite of any adversity I might face. In school, I decided to base my Extended Project on Charlotte Brontë, and since then I have gone on to read Villette, Shirley, Agnes Grey and Elizabeth Gaskell’s The Life of Charlotte Brontë, which is an incredible biography!

Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip- I hope you enjoy them! If you don’t know much about the Brontës it really is worth checking them out; the story of their life is extraordinary, and all of their books are simply beautiful.




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