Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer Reading 2014

Since we are nearing about the middle of the gorgeous summer months, I think that it is about time to share with you what I shall be reading (and have read) whilst on my holidays. I am lucky enough to be residing in Cornwall at the moment, which means an abundance of reading on the beach while I wait for the tide to go down *bliss*. Here is my list which I put together at the beginning of summer, however since then I have already read a few, but I'm still working through the rest! Some of these books I have been sent to review, some of them I have been assigned from school to read, and some of them I have just bought to enjoy. This is a real mixture of everything I like to read :)

1) Charlotte Brontë- Kate Hubbard

2) Shirley- Charlotte Brontë (completed)

3) What Happened to Goodbye- Sarah Dessen

4) The Life of Charlotte Brontë- Elizabeth Gaskell

5) A History of Modern Britain- Andrew Marr

6) Shimmer- Paula Weston (completed)

7) The Apple Tart of Hope- Sarah Moore Fitzgerald (completed)

8) The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald (completed)

9) The Name on Your Wrist- Helen Hiorns (completed)

I hope that I finish all of these books before the end of the summer, and perhaps even get to number 10! I will keep you updated if I do :)

Please let me know below in the comments what you are reading this summer, I'd love to know!

Until next time :)

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