Wednesday 1 January 2014

Highs and Lows of 2013

I've had a thought that since this is my first New Year whilst having a blog, I might as well have a reflective moment and look back upon the highs and lows of the year that has just passed. I guess the reason why people do this is to make the next year better, so lets hope for an amazing 2014!

1. My friend's sweet sixteenth birthday party in February; me and two others of my friends went dressed in masquerade masks and posh dresses.
2. Visiting a primary school to give a talk about books and writing (this would feature in the top ten best moments of my life so far!)
3. Andy Robb's and Sara Grant's book launch where I met many interesting people
4. My first author interviews.
5. Finishing my GCSE exams- and getting the results I wanted!
6. Having a picnic in Hyde Park with my bestest pals.
7. Going to Thorpe Park for the first time and getting over my fear of roller coasters!
8. The Challenge (where I met loads of amazing people with whom I will remain friends for life I hope!)
9. My birthday party.
10. A recent Christmas gathering with my friends at my house.

1. The first few weeks of sixth form, where I was stressed out of my mind!
2. The moments when I thought I was going to fail my maths and physics exams.
3. When I actually did fail my piano exam (probably the worst moment of 2013!)
4. All the time I spent on the internet I could have spent writing.
5. Not writing as much as I did in 2012.
6. Being turned down a few *ahem* many times by countless agents.
7. Putting the iPod my parents had given me for my birthday in the washing machine a couple of days after I had received it.

Thankfully I have noticed there are less lows and more highs, which is a positive sign! This is a bit of a different blog than normal, so I hope that you have enjoyed it! Best wishes for a fantastic 2014!

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