Tuesday 4 August 2015

#MistbornMondays Readalong!

Hello, readers! As you are probably aware, the title of this blog post and the day on which it will be posted does not completely correspond, and I must apologise for that- life has been very hectic recently! I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I'm sure you won't mind if I upload it today.

Aaannnyyyyywhooooo today I want to talk to you about a very excited readalong I am lucky enough to be participating in- Brandon Sanderson's hugely popular Mistborn series! I am so excited to be joining in on this because I haven't read any of the books before- So I can't wait to fall in love with a new series! 

Every Monday during the readalong will be adequately termed #MistbornMondays and if you tweet the hashtag, blog about it or Instagram it, one lucky winner will win a signed copy of Shadows of Self, Sanderson's new book. There will be one winner a week!

This is my schedule for reading the series- 

Monday 3rd August - Sunday 23rd August: The Final Empire (Book 1)
Monday 24th August - Sunday 13th September: The Well of Ascension (Book 2)
Monday 14th September - Sunday 4th October: The Hero of Ages (Book 3)

At the end of each three weeks, I'll be posting a review of the book I've just read and I'll also be tweeting and (sometimes) Instagramming my progress every Monday using #MistbornMondays.

I really hope you check out the Mistborn series and enjoy keeping up to date with my readalong!

Until next time :)

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