Just in case anyone who has stumbled across my blog is a bit confused about certain matters, here are a few things that I should clear up:

1. I do not get paid for any of the blogs I write (including Huffington Post). Therefore, all opinions are entirely my own.

2. Some books I review are sent to me in uncorrected proof copy, some I buy for myself, and some of them are nice little gifts. Whoever or whatever way I get the books I review, I am completely unbiased and will always give an honest opinion (i.e I will not mark a book five stars just because I got given it for free).

3. Likewise, if I am lucky enough to interview an author, sometimes it is organised for me, and sometimes I organise it for myself. Therefore I get to choose who I interview and who I think would be great on my blog, so I don't just interview for the sake of it.

4. This is also the same for any events I attend. I choose. You read about it. We're all happy bunnies.

5. When I review a book, I will upload a review to Goodreads as well, and mark it the same number of stars as appears on this blog :)

5. If I mention a company or a specific product, I am not being paid to advertise them. This can be a bit awkward. It happens in my Sky News Interview.

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